Friday, February 12, 2016

29 Faces 2016 (the first)

This was my first face for February. So yeah, super-behind.

Tomorrow I'll be tabling at Fanaticon. I'll have a bunch of Dark Horse manga I've lettered and a few Totoro necklaces I've made. It'll be my first time tabling selling my own stuff. I've been told that I'll have lots of downtime, so hopefully I can get another face or done during the event.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Starting 29 Faces again

Trying again. This time I'm not as late as last year, but I still have to catch up.

Face #1 has yet to be photographed or scanned, so this is Face #2.
I'm not happy with it at all and halfway I lost interest in it, but I'm going to own it. I have a feeling that there'll be a bunch more drawings I won't be happy with, but it's important to not let them bother me and keep going.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

So..umm..Day 3 of 29 Faces. LOL

I just finished a really tight deadline a couple of days ago and needed to decompress. I haven't heard from the client about it, but I *think* I made the deadline.

Anyway this young lady is a member of the "Radical Brownies" in Oakland. I was excited for this group and then found out that they weren't associated with the Girl Scouts of America and needed to change their group name. It kinda took a little polish off of my excitement, but on the other hand, I'm still a fan of what the group's mission statement. Hopefully they'll be around a long time to empower young girls. Here's their Facebook page, if they have an official site with a new name later on, I'll try to post that too.

Meanwhile about 29 Faces... the month is near-over, but I'm going to try to continue. I envy the other people in the challenge who can just DO this. I need to channel more discipline and drive to do a drawing every day. Go to the 29 Faces badge on the column and check out the work of people more dedicated to their art than I am!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

29 Faces, Day 2

Three times a week I sit with my mother-in-law while she has breakfast. I tried to sneak in a sketch while she was reading the comics. I missed her smiling and after a while, I think she felt me gazing at her and moved around a bit. I may end up doing several of these during the course of this challenge.

Mechanical pencil and watercolor in my sketchbook. You can see the previous page's sketch bleeding through the paper. It was in ballpoint, but for some reason everything I did that day bled through. Watercolor isn't my medium and this totally didn't come out the way I thought it would, but that's okay. Note to self: unlike acrylics, watercolors dry lighter.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

29 Faces, Day 1

Starting late on the "29 Faces" thing, but I'll give it a small shot. Deadlines are breathing down my neck and I've been nursing a cold, so I may as well get SOMEthing done.

This is Avery Brooks from "American History X" (yes, I have a perverse sense of what's good to watch when you're in bed with a cold). The page was pre-primed with gesso and then washed with acrylic. The drawing was done with Pigma Micron .03 and then I threw watercolors on it. I forgot how watercolors react on gesso!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Not super-happy with the way this came out, but pleased with myself that I actually sat down to draw something at all. Little victories!

BG is acrylic wash with metallic paint. Drawn in pencil, colored with Caran d'ache and hot-spotted with a white pen.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I just finished a Thing.

It was a small thing, a panel of a jam comic, but it became the Thing That Needed Doing for about 10 months. It was rather embarrassing since other people were waiting on it. When I sat down to actually work on it, it probably took me roughly two weeks all told. I decided to do the Thing in Manga Studio and in the process learned enough to get more comfortable with the interface.

When I finished the Thing late last night, I thought I'd be really happy and feel like a great weight has been lifted. But no, I felt dread instead. I tried to shrug it off and use the momentum of finishing one thing to tackle the next art Thing on my to-do list. But it was 1am, I was getting tired and ended up staring at the monitor for another hour.

Waking up the next day didn't really help. I then realized that I was fairly pleased with the how my panel came out and was concerned that I wouldn't be able to follow it up. Oh, so THAT's what "fear of success" is! But yeah, I gotta get over it and do the next thing. Having a dozen "meh" pieces of work for the world to see is much better than having an infinite number of "maybe some days..." in my head.

So as I look it over, it's not by any stretch amazing, but it is DONE. Since there are about 5 other panels to be done, I don't want to reveal the whole thing, but here's a sample. And if I remember, I'll put up a link to the whole thing later on...